Private Registrations that Last a Lifetime

Personalised number plates are relatively easy to transfer to a new vehicle and many people hold onto their private plates for years. One key advantage that comes from buying your own distinct number plate is that you’ll never have to memorise your vehicle’s original number plate again, and each element in your registration can have a significant meaning, rather than it being a default combination of letters and words.

Distinctive Personalised Number Plates

If you’re seeking a private number plate that turns heads in the street then it’s important to choose a distinctive combination. Your cherished reg can include humorous abbreviations, nicknames, favourite sports teams and significant dates such as birthdays, and the more unique it is the more it will stand out.

Personalised DVLA Registrations - An Extensive Stock List

Our exhaustive stock list is designed to suit a wide range of budgets, and we’re sure that we have a cherished number plate with your very own unique mark. If you’ve found several number plates that suit your needs, then you can always add them to your very own ‘wishlist’ where you can compare all of your registrations and weigh up your final decision. 

Cherished plates - Get yours today

Our customised number plates are easy to buy, and you can own your private number plate in minutes, while we always take care of the paperwork for our clients, and send out your brand new acrylic plates as soon as we can. We even provide the option to add flags, 3D lettering and borders to your personalised reg to make I that little bit more unique. To find your ideal registration visit our homepage or contact our team today on 011952 581709 or send us an email at

Buy a Personalised Number Plate

A personalised number plate will not just give your vehicle a personal touch; it can actually prove to be a sound investment, and many people have opted to acquire various number plates to see a considerable return in the future. Private Number Plates has well over 35 million personalised registrations to choose from, and our available plates are not the be all and end all of your search; our team can even do the legwork when it comes to tracking down your ideal registration if it is not in our list and you only need to give us a call to let us know.  We will then start work using our many industry contacts, attempting to provide you with your ideal personalised number plate at the cheapest possible price.

We provide three search areas on our homepage to help our customer’s find their desired number plate, and once you conduct your search you’ll either be presented with your chosen number plate or a list of similar alternatives to choose from. Everyone has a unique number plate out there to be found, and we supply DVLA registrations for a range of budgets, and that’s why we’re one of the leading specialists when it comes to hunting down your unique vehicle registration.

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