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Some individuals will buy a private plate as an investment or a gift, and it can be important to act fast because popular plates are pounced on quickly, especially if they include typical names or phrases.  The easiest way to start a search for a car registration is by using one of the three search tools on our homepage, while you can build your very own wishlist of marks that take your fancy. Once your order has been processed and we’ve received your relevant documents, we can begin the transfer process (which usually takes 2-3 weeks), you’ll then have your new set of acrylic plates delivered to your door. There are optional extras at checkout, such as acquiring your mark on a Certificate of Entitlement, while there’s the option of borders, flags and 3D lettering. With millions of dateless, prefix, suffix and current style registrations to choose from, we can cater for both ends of the market. We’re regularly adding marks to our database and that’s because we also sell private registrations for free, while our featured listing service can be used to push combinations to the top of the pile for £25 + VAT.

Find your Unique Car Registration Today

Our search tools are designed to present a list of suitable reg marks that match your search, but if you had a particular car registration in mind that’s not currently available then you only need to get in touch with our team. We can broaden the search using our dependable contacts, and in some cases our advisors have been able to track down plates, supplying them at the lowest possible price.

To find out more about Private Number Plates and what we can do for you, get in touch with us today on 01952 581709 or alternatively you can contact us via email.  

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Private Number Plates is dedicated to helping our clients track down their preferred car registration, and our search tools can pick out the most suitable registrations from our exhaustive database. Every individual will have their own unique interests and traits, and we’re always on hand to make suggestions that are suited to your individual requirements.

Most personalised registrations will cleverly use numbers and letters to resemble words and we can find plates that connect to your individuality. The registration mark ’BOB 300’ could be well suited for a Chrysler 300C owner named Bob, while ‘M477 LAW’ can be fitting for a lawyer called Matt or Matthew, and our database is brimming with unique registrations.  

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