DVLA Unissued Government Stock

DVLA Registrations - Deciding on yours

Private Number Plates has more than 56 million registrations to choose from, and the search for your ideal DVLA number plates begins on our homepage. When you decide on the right personalised number plates for your requirements, we can then provide you with a set of brand new acrylic plates with a choice of borders, as well as the option of flags and 3D lettering. If you’re ideal cherished DVLA reg is not available then contact our team and we’ll work to track it down, and our contacts can possibly mean we’re able to supply it to you at the best possible price.

DVLA Transfers – Quick and Easy

If you’re looking to transfer your existing private registration to another vehicle, then the process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, especially with the help of Private Number Plates. If you’re unsure of the documentation that you require or the rules or regulations then our team can help. The two most important aspects to remember is that that you’re not allowed to add a personalised DVLA reg number onto a 'Q' plate, and you can’t make a vehicle look newer than it actually is, for example putting a 2013 plate on a 2010 vehicle.

Selling your Private Plates

Private Number Plates do not just supply personalised DVLA number plates to customers, we can actually advertise our clients’ number plates on their behalf, and this is a completely free service. If you’re looking to sell your private plate then you only need to contact us and we can then add it to our stock list, while our ‘Featured Listing Service’ will help to get your reg to the top of the pile for relevant keywords.

Personalised DVLA Number Plates - Get yours today

We pride ourselves on delivering an extensive list of personalised DVLA number plates for all budget sizes with a quick and efficient service. Our friendly team is always happy to help if you have any questions relating to our products or services, or even the process for buying DVLA number plates.  For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01952 581709 or email at sales@private-number-plates.co.uk. Remember your very own private number plate hunt begins on our homepage. 

Buying DVLA Number Plates

Today more people can see just how affordable DVLA registrations actually are and this is because there are more private number plates on the market, meaning greater variety for all budgets. A customised number plate is one of the most effective ways to give your car a personal touch, and there are four styles of cherished number plates to choose from; dateless, prefix, suffix and the present style. 

There are certain elements in a registration that can be significant to an individual, perhaps a person’s initials, date of birth, their birthday or even their favourite sports team. Once you’ve decided on a specific element, just simply type it into our ‘Find a Number Plate’ search tool on the homepage. Our system will then provide you with a list of DVLA plates that are relevant to your search. You can then buy them then and there or store multiple registrations in your very own ‘wishlist’ to come back to later.

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