Thank you for choosing to purchase B166 AJC.
In order to protect our clients from credit card fraud we will only take 20% of the total payment. Once you have paid the initial 20% we will contact you for payment of the remaining outstanding balance.

B166 AJC

Registration Costs Options
You are required by law to display 'B166 AJC' correctly and have number plates supplied by a DVLA registered manufacturer. As part of our service Private Number Plates will supply the required number plates at highly competitive prices, saving you the time and trouble of getting them from a third party supplier
We accept most major credit, debit cards and Paypal you will save the 2.5% +vat credit card processing fee if you use your bank debit card.
Registration Method
Registration Price: £1,650.00
VAT @ 20%: £330.00
DVLA Transfer Fee: £80.00
Postage: £2.50
Card Administration Fee inc VAT: £0.00
Total Amount: £2,062.50
20% Deposit Required to Secure: £412.50
Name of the Registered Keeper of the vehicle that B166 AJC is to be transferred to. This must be entered exactly as it appears. If it is entered incorrect then there will be an additional charge to change it later
Cardholders Details
On selecting continue, you will be directed to WorldPay to process your payment WorldPay Payments Processing