Certificate Supplied Personlised Number Plates

One of the most commonly known rules when it comes to buying a personalised registration is that you are not permitted to add it to a vehicle that’s older than the plate itself. For example if you have a 10 plate car, you are not permitted to install a 13 plate reg onto the vehicle. You can, however, put your brand new reg on a retention certificate, so when the time is right you can then assign it to an appropriate vehicle.  

Many people, who see cherished number plates as an investment, will add their registration or registrations onto valid certificates, perhaps selling it on later down the line for a considerable return.

Private Number Plates always deals with the paperwork when you buy a registration from us. If you’re not quite ready to add your registration to an appropriate vehicle then that’s fine too, and our team will make sure it is correctly assigned to a retention certificate.

Private Number Plates remains up to date with the latest DVLA regulations and requirements and our knowledge and experience ensures we can have your documentation dealt with quickly.