Number Plate Transfer to your Vehicle

A personalised number plate doesn’t have to be assigned to one particular vehicle for life; it’s relatively easy to switch your existing registration over to a new vehicle, especially if you have the right documentation. Private Number Plates can complete the transfer you require but we will need the following documents for the transfer process to go through smoothly.

With these documents we can then deal with the reg transfer and communicate with the DVLA to make sure your plate transfer is dealt with correctly. You should ideally allow for 21 days for the process to be completed and when your transfer is complete we will send out your new tax disc and MOT certificate, both including your new reg details.

When you’ve received these you have the okay to put the new plates on your vehicle and you will also receive your new logbook directly from the DVLA, which again takes around 21 days. We make the process simple and straightforward, and you can be guaranteed that your transfer meets the DVLA requirements when you deal with Private Number Plates.