Number Plate Alerts


To find you the best possible plate, we are now searching over 60,000,000 entries this could take upto 30 seconds.

Number Plate Alerts

Number Plate Alert

The personalised registration market is constantly evolving and it used to be rather difficult to know when a certain reg has become available, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore because our plate alert service will notify you immediately.

Private Number Plates provide this service for free and you will receive an email when one of your chosen plates becomes available. You can change your mind any time and if you wanted to adjust your selected registrations then you only have to let us know and we’ll update them as soon as possible. This service is ideal for investors who are waiting to acquire new plates, and we will search the entire market for your desired registrations.

To sign up to our plate alert please fill out the form below and you’ll never have to search for the same plate over and over again to see if it’s vacant. 

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